Since 2010 the Kannaponica team has enjoyed the labour of love that is the Growers Guide to Cannabis. Born out of a desire to help new growers learn, GG2C is an online grow guide. Opening their own grow shop was a natural progression.

We want you to grow the best plants ever! Every grow should be a show grow!

Many moons ago when “Campo Cultivator” first started growing, he was fortunate to have lived near a hydroponics shop whose owner was a mentor as much as a salesman. Twenty years later, having experimented with almost every growing system and style available, he has made his dream of selling great hydro equipment backed with expert knowledge a reality. Now that’s available online to shoppers around the globe through the wonders of the interweb.  Thanks to our free live chat available for any kind of advice needed, Kannaponica can bring your local grow shop into your home.

From our warehouse hub centre, we send cannabis seeds worldwide using stealth packaging with tracking. Hydroponic equipment we post all over Europe – and if you are outside Europe but can’t find a certain product available in your area, please contact us and we will try to solve your problem. Payment is also easy with Kannaponica: we have a secure safe payments option, or can take direct bank transfers. You can even arrange to pay cash into banks in the UK or Spain for complete anonymity (please contact us first). All parcels are sent discretely in plain brown packaging.


Brian Hill
Boss man

The man behind Kannaponica, he’s the driving force to make sure you get the best buys for your money 

Auto engineer

Author of much of the website, Campo is a bit of a grow zealot, and never happier than when helping someone get the best from their grow

Don't call me secretary

Never far from her laptop, its Stacey who deals with the internet side of the business, doing the books and keeping the other team members in check!

Callum C
The Intern

Bilingual Callum handles all Spanish enquiries whilst enthusiastically learning everything about the Cannabiz 

 We can’t make your money grow, but we can help you get the most from your money!

The whole Kannaponica team is fiercely dedicated to helping growers get the best from their cannabis grow rooms, whether growing indoors or outdoors. We’re especially passionate about enabling people (many of whom are new to the whole cannabis lifestyle) grow the best quality medicine that they can for themselves.


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    I can’t get the pictures to show for the life of me, cant find the “appearances” option.
    Are you still in business? Quite interested in what you have to offer but I dare not order unless I see some life.

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