The Sublimator


The Sublimator is beyond vaporisation, it is in fact a whole new level of vaporising!!

The Sublimator produces a dence gas from your weed, the gas particles are much finer than your average vapor molecule, making it easier for your lungs and body to absorb.

The Sublimator is the only device on the market that can be used with herb´s and concentrate´s simultaneously – a “double decker”.

There are three different kits for you to choose from, If you will be using it for bud then The Original Sublimator Kit would be best for you and if you are more in to extracts then The Sublimator Nail Kit will be best, but if you like it all then you need the The Sublimator Dab Master Kit. These options are available to you in the drop-down box below.

The Sublimator Kits:

The Original Sublimator Kit
(most suited for herb)

The Sublimator Nail Kit
(most suited for extracts)

The Sublimator Dab Mster Kit
(suited for both herb and extracts)

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