Using an IWS system in a professional set-up

iws professional hydroponicsHydroponics has many advantages for a commercial grow: yields are bigger and quality is excellent. NFT is a popular choice for many hydroponic growers: its been used for a long time, and the results compared to a soil grow are amazing. However on a large scale NFT has many drawbacks, especially in that it relies on multiple reservoirs needing maintenance. The Intelligent Watering System from Nutriculture (makers of the original NFTs) has been specifically designed with professional growers in mind.

The IWS Pro System runs 48 pots using an automated flood and drain method. A high pressure pump fills the “brain bucket” and the advanced timing system floods the 25mm tubing to the pots quickly and efficiently. The plants are flooded from beneath and as the nutrient solution rises in the pot it pushes the stale air out as it saturates the grow medium. As the nutrient solution drains from the pot new, richly oxygenated air is pulled in. This ensures that the root zone gets plenty of fresh oxygen, which is vital for good root growth.

Why Pro Systems?

iws proThe Pro Systems improve on the basic systems by filling and draining twice as fast, thus giving you more control and making sure roots are not left submerged. This is achieved through:

  • 7000L/hr nutrient feed pump
  • 25mm piping
  • 2 drain pumps
  • Higher rated control boards
  • We suggest using copper mats to prevent roots growing down & blocking the piping

Why IWS PRO is perfect for professional grows:


Big strong plants

When used in combination with Nutriculture’s Vegitator, the professional grower keeps his plants in vegetative stage growth for 4 weeks in a separate veg room.  Not only does this mean fewer cuttings are needed for each cycle, but they are not as susceptible to problems as young cuttings flowered early are.

But the eureka moment about this set-up as far as the Kannaponica team is concerned is this:

Its cleverness is hidden in its simplicity to use.

With one big flexi-tank, ongoing maintenance & regulation of the reservoir tank is a breeze compared with the numbers of tanks needed to fill the same physical space.

  • 1 tank to balance for EC & PH
  • Tank can be located outside the flowering tents so that unaffected by heat from lights
  • 1 tank to be chilled / heated


Although not as important as the factors above, it has to be said that bringing the IWS system into an area is more discrete: the flexi tank folds down into a small area and the rest of the pots, inner pots and pumps fit into a few normal sized boxes. Not nearly so interesting for curious minded neighbours to notice!


Downsides to the IWS:

  • Reliance on 1 pump to flood the pots
  • Be careful not to overtighten joins, damaging the glands and causing leaks
  • Can be intimidating to put together first time
  • Floor has to be completely level for complete success.
  • Flexitank doesn’t come with extra holes at top for additional equipment such water chiller hosing or airstones /pumps cabling.

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