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Hydroponics has many advantages for a commercial grow: yields are bigger and quality is excellent. NFT is a popular choice for many hydroponic growers: its been used for a long time, and the results compared to a soil grow are amazing. However on a large scale NFT has many drawbacks, especially in that it relies […]

Introducing the NEW Evolution Grow Tents by HOMEbox! Top quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and unparalleled design make these the world’s most advanced grow tents. Ever since Homebox invented the portable grow tent back in 2001 they have continued to refine and upgrade on the original – and much copied – concept. If you accept no compromise, will settle […]

Those of you coming to this article following  which medium to use with an IWS  will know that I heavily recommend using clay pebbles in an IWS system along with copper discs, because of their correct  water holding capacity (WPC) and  air filled porosity (AFP) for a flood and drain system. Assuming that you have purchased […]

  If you’re anything like the Kannaponica team, then you need to know how easy it is to assemble a piece of kit before you purchase it.   A flat and level floor surface is needed for the system to operate optimally First check you have everything: • 1 x nutrient tank with lid (please note there are […]

Making it simple: why you should use a grow tent to build your indoor grow room Whilst it’s not essential to use a grow tent to grow plants inside, they are certainly recommended. It is possible to build a controlled environment yourself, using wood, mdf and so on, but you may find that when the […]