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Kannaponica isn’t just an online grow shop – we have a real store based in rural Andalucia Spain. Here we keep a wide range of hydroponic, aeroponic and soil growing equipment on display, and our team is available to advise and explain any method of growing. We each have our own preferences though, and are more than willing to engage in a pros and cons argument on

026any system!

In addition to the usual Wilmas, Apollos and AirPots we have a range of reflectors, ballasts, traditional HID grow lights and LEDs. There are hundreds of strains on display with an on TV slideshow of real life grows of each strain for easy reference. So if you are in the area, pop into the shop for a coffee and grow advice! We are always available to chat by phone or via the livechat during shop hours.

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If we don’t have what you are looking for in the grow shop, we have most items at our warehouse. These can usually be delivered for local pick-up within 48 hours.

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