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3 thoughts on “Ask an Expert!

  1. jdbass2004 says:

    ive never had such a hard time checking out with any company I deal with. but ive tried , visa , mastercard prepay visa and still could not check out with this company..

    • SJVB says:

      WE’ll stand up and say its been a tough time for us and our customers. Without the big bucks to lay down as a holding deposit, the card processing system we used to use (provided by our bank) was excruciatingly difficult and seemed to randomly reject payments on a whim. And the problem is that because we sell seeds, the usual options and third parties aren’t available to us. However we have now been approved by a new and canna-friendly system thats all too willing to take part in what is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing (and increasingly legitimate) economies.

      So big apologies to everyone who struggled this far, and thank you all of you who persevered. All Visa & (most) Mastercard payments should now go through.

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