How do the X-Stream Propagators work?

They combine aeroponic principles with a propagation environment to ensure extremely high success rates.successful cuttings

The cutting is suspended in a neoprene collar over the tank. A fine mist of water, nutrients and oxygen sprays over the stem, encouraging the stem cells to develop roots in order to reach out for the nutrient mix.

Because there is no interference between root and nutrient mixture (e.g. rockwool, soil etc) these new roots develop rapidly for faster growth and better survival rates (99.5% of cuttings will take using this system).

The Humidity Dome provides the young cuttings with the damp humid environment necessary for the plants to absorb moisture through the air whilst the new roots are developing. Use the ventilation vents to control the heat and humidity as you begin to harden off.


Do X-Stream Propagators really work?

Yes! We have used them ourselves to ensure high success rates time after time. It really does give the plants the best start in life: rapid root development means there is little chance of infection.


Why would you take cuttings?

There are many reasons for using cuttings as opposed to growing from seed. Selecting a good mother plant (by taking cuttings before putting her into flower) means you can replicate the success of a good yielder for many seasons. Because cuttings are just as their other name suggests, “clones” they are identical to each other. This makes using cuttings the ideal method for NFT or sea of green grows.

Using cuttings is also a quicker method of growing than from seed.


Sounds great! Does it come in different sizes?

Yes it does. Choose from 12 pot, 20 pot, 40 pot or even the massive 120 pot propagators (see additional information for dimensions).


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