As growers ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to pay for supplies safely. That’s why Kannaponica offer the following methods of payment:

If you have any problems making payment and need guidance please use the contact form below. Someone will get back to you pretty fast (but allow for differences in timezones!)  You can also use the livechat if we’re around.


buy hydroponics online safely


Pay online

You can buy online using your credit or debit card using our secure payments system. Choose “Payment by ServiRED” as your payment method.This will take you to the “ServiRED” secure (https) page. Most credit and debit cards are accepted, providing they are authorized for use in a secure online environment, for example “verified by visa”. We do not keep records of your card details on file: in fact we don’t actually get to see your card details at all: these are handled by the bank.

Example Pay Page

buy hydroponics and seeds safely online
Unfortunately, some cards don’t allow you to pay overseas companies, especially if you are in the USA and trying to buy from Europe. When this happens your order will be marked as cancelled. Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean to say you’re broke! This is easily resolved with a quick call to your bank or card provider to authorise payment or arrange a temporary lift on any block for overseas transactions should enable you to complete your purchase.  You will then need to place a new order so that we can take the payment.

If you are trying to pay using ANY Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card, this is something you can set up yourself online. Kannaponica recommends joining the “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard SecureCode”s in any case. Once you’ve done so (you follow the links below to the secure (https) pages of Visa/Mastercard, fill in a few of your personal and card details, and set up a passcode only you know) you are much less likely to ever have your card used without your authorization to make payments online. After all only you and your card provider know your passcode.

Join “Verified by Visa” here

Set up a Mastercard SecureCode here

wire money

Wire money using your credit card

You can make a payment online using Western Union & your credit/debit card.  Fees vary depending on the amount sent, but it is around $15 for 130€ as a guideline. The screenshot below shows you what to expect when you click on the link above. The Recipient’s details are: Dastin Morales, Location: Albox, Spain 04800. When you have made the payment, simply email us the reference number given by Western Union & your order details. We will post out your parcel with tracking at the same time as collecting the payment, and email you the tracking number that day.

how to make western union payment online

You can use the same system via Western Union to pay direct into our bank account – click the link above, choose Send to bank account – just use the details listed below – y voila! The fee is cheaper this way ($10 for 140€).

buy grow supplies safely online

Buy in store

In the Kannaponica shop you can pay with cash or by credit/debit card using our chip and pin machine. Please select the “Local Pickup” Option upon checkout.

bank transfers to pay online

Bank transfer (wire payments)

We can take payments made through online banking or by bank transfer. Just select the “bank transfer” option at checkout and remember to include your order number as reference.

Payments can be made to the Kannaponica bank account:

Cajamar Rural bank
IBAN: 3058 0091 41 2720012743
Bank address: Cajamar, Albox, 04800, Almeria Spain.

bank transfer

Cash into bank

You can even make cash payments direct into our bank (see above), just remember to use the reference number generated by the order and keep a copy of the receipt.

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