Shipping Costs

Cannabis Seeds
Kannaponica send cannabis seeds worldwide (and yes that does include the USA). We insert the breeders seed pack into a gift item e.g. a wallet, pencil tin etc, then send this in a padded envelope with tracking. This ensures that your seeds arrive secretly and also safely!


How much does it cost?



How long does it take?

Unfortunately the tracking system seems to add a delay between posting and receiving (because it has to be entered into the computer systems along the way) but orders within Europe should be with you within 5-7 working days and those worldwide average at 2 weeks. If you have not received your order within this timeframe, please contact us and we will try to determine where your package is at that point.

Please note, we cannot be responsible for delays caused by various postal systems.

Grow room equipment within Spain

Parcels weighing less than 10k cost 9.00€ for insured postage. Stock permitting we aim to get you your items within 5 working days. Tracking numbers are given.

Parcels weighing between 10k and 20k cost 15.00€ for insured shipping. Stock permitting we aim to get you your items within 5 working days., and tracking numbers are given.

Shipping weights are worked out for you at checkout

Sending Hydroponics Equipment throughout Europe

Parcels weighing less than 10k cost 20.00€  for insured postage. These usually arrive within 7-10 days from order processing. Tracking numbers are given.

Parcels weighing between 10k and 20k cost 25.00€ for insured shipping. Again they usually arrive within 7-10 days of processing your order, and tracking numbers are given

Shipping weights are worked out for you at checkout


We know how important it is to get your orders as quickly as possible, and we give the best online grow shop europeabove time frames as guidelines only: we do aim to get them to you as quickly as possible! to help this happen, please remember to include your telephone / mobile number  and email address  on the checkout form as these will be necessary for the delivery guy.

Its your responsibility to make sure that your details are filled in correctly!


What happens if I’m out when they try to deliver?

Thats why most shipping firms nowadays like to have a contact number. If you are not in when they are on their rounds, they will contact you to arrange another time for delivery. Alternatively they may leave a card for collection from the local depot, but this is less frequent these days.


Can the delivery people tell what is in my parcel?

No. All packages are sent out in plain brown boxes with only a label with your name and address on.


My order isn’t right. What do I do?

In the unlikely event that there has been a mistake, please contact us immediately via email or by telephone with your order number to hand.


My items have been damaged. What next?

We make sure that all orders leave the warehouse in good condition. In the event that they have been damaged in transit, please contact us immediately and we will sort the issue out.


I don’t have any instructions or information. What do I do?

Contact us and we will make sure you get the right advice!


I need my stuff fast!! Can you help?

Certainly we’ll try to! Email us the details of your order and delivery address and we will see what the quickest delivery option is available and if there is any surcharge for this.


I live outside Europe but would like to order supplies from you. Can this be done?

If its possible to send internationally for a fair price, we can arrange to do so. Contact us first with the details of what you would like to buy and where you are and we will price up the cheapest reliable shipping option for you.


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