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Safe Payments, Safe Deliveries!

Whichever means you choose to pay for your items (read more here) your money and personal information is safe and secure  when you buy with Kannaponica. You can also rest assured that all parcels are sent out in plain brown boxes with no identifying names etc on them to show whats inside. The only person who needs to know what you are ordering is you 🙂


Please note: 

We are a legally registered business and YOUR safety and security is important to us. We don’t ever see your card details, these are handled directly by our bank credit/debit card processing system. And its one of the most secure systems around. Your data is 100% secure and safe.

Better still for safe online purchases:


Kannaponica use Sensible Payments to process card transactions online. They are a specialist finance company set up with the sole purpose of providing safe transactions for the cannabis seed industry. It costs us a little more to use them, but we do so because they give you, our customers, the most secure and discreet credit/debit card processing possible. And we think your peace of mind is worth us paying more for! Our new payment system means you can:

  • Buy your cannabis seeds or hydroponic equipment with confidence
  • Make DISCREET Payments. All transactions feature discreet payments, with no mention of our name, or what you’re buying. Not even your bank knows that you have bought from us!
  • Pay in your own currency. We take payments in ALL currencies and you pay in your local currency. This means your bank doesn’t charge you for making a currency conversion. In the footer and side margins are a currency converter which gives you the ability to switch currencies onsite and see how much an item costs in your currency.
  • Use Prepaid Visa  – or  Virtual Visa for EXTRA STEALTH shopping.

Use prepaid visa cards which you can easily buy in stores worldwide, or Virtual Visa cards which you can purchase online using your standard visa/mastercard for an extra layer of secrecy. They can usually be used instantly.

What is a prepaid Visa?

Unlike a normal Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, prepaid Visa cards aren’t attached to a bank account, you aren’t credit checked and with an online (Virtual Visa) version, you don’t have to wait weeks to be issued the card. In fact they are really more like a gift card from Amazon than a credit card as such (althought there can be charges). You can either buy one in person using cash or you can apply online for one and load it either with a bank debit or from your current card. You buy one with a deposit of e.g. $100, spend $50 on x and $50 the following week and then you can’t use it again until you put more money on.

What payment options do you take?

safe payments online

VISA ∗ Recommended! Fast, secure and 99% successful.

secure payments cannabis

MASTERCARD ∗ You need to be registered with Mastercard Securecode to use these cards. If you still experience problems making a successful payment, then the easiest and cheapest alternative is to use a virtual visa card purchased with your mastercard.

secure payments buying cannabis seeds online

BANK TRANSFER (WIRE) ∗ You can make a bank transfer direct from your bank into ours, just drop us an email to confirm that you are choosing this option. (It makes matching payments with orders much easier!). Different countries charge different amounts for this facility: from the US it costs around $45, from the UK £25, so bear this in mind. We do offer a discount to customers choosing this option to help offset this added cost. There are many new online direct money transfer firms like Transferwise which offer the same service more cheaply.

Bank account name: Brian Hill
Cajamar Rural bank
IBAN: 3058 0091 41 2720012743
Bank address: Cajamar, Albox, 04800, Almeria Spain.

using cash to buy cannabis seeds online

PAY CASH INTO BANK ∗ If you’re in Spain you can pay cash straight into the bank account. Alternatively you can use a third party like Western Union or Moneygram and give them the cash to be sent over into our bank account (details above). Again, please notify us that you’re doing this!


wire money

We do take Western Union payments, either sent to a person, or into a bank account. You can send the money online using your card, – see here for more details of how to do this


If you have any questions regarding payment, please email [email protected] and we’ll answer you within 24 hours. (normally its faster, but please allow for time changes!)