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Safe Payments, Safe Deliveries!

Whichever means you choose to pay for your items (read more here) your money and personal information is safe and secure  when you buy with Kannaponica. You can also rest assured that all parcels are sent out in plain brown boxes with no identifying names etc on them to show whats inside. The only person who needs to know what you are ordering is you 🙂


Please note: 

We are a legally registered business and YOUR safety and security is important to us. We don’t ever see your card details, these are handled directly by our bank credit/debit card processing system. And its one of the most secure systems around. Your data is 100% secure and safe.

If you are already part of “VERIFIED BY VISA” or “MASTERCARD SECURECODE” then you are good to go!

Better still for safe online purchases:

If you are using ANY Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card then you should be able to set this up for yourself. Follow the links below to go to the secure pages (https) of the relevant card and register for free online. For more information on this, please read our “SAFE WAYS TO PAY” page here.


Verified by Visa Activation Page


Sign up for Mastercard Secure Code



Because our credit/debit card processing system places such emphasis on secure payments, customers (mainly outside Europe) may find that their transactions are denied. Don’t worry! This does not mean you have no funds. All it means is that you need to contact your bank and request that they authorise your card for use in Europe. The bank will then handle the necessary specifications to enable your cards use on any “secure internet environment” (as the technical team puts it). Its an extra safety measure that European banks have in place – and extra safety is better for all of us. :).