Flowering cannabis until maturity

If growing indoors, once your young vegging plants are at their desired height, set the timer to 12 hours on, 12 hours off and this will trigger the onset of flowering. Growing indoors is a bit different in that often the
After about 4 weeks flowering.and onwards you will observe changes in the branching pattern from branches being opposite each other at the branch nodes ( where side branches meet the main stem ) to being alternate or staggered and along with the first pistils emerging from the growing tips of female plants.
As the plant gears up for flower production, more and more calyxes are produced with flashes of growth seemingly occurring over night and over the length of the flowering period which is usually at least 9 weeks you’ll have two or three growth spurts where the plants will exhibit a bit of stretch for a time then slow down but as a general rule of thumb, your average hybrid cannabis plant will take 9-10 weeks to mature fully and if put into flower as a foot tall plant expect it to end up around 3 feet high with sativa dominant plants ending up taller than that.
As the plant gets to around 5- 6 weeks flowering the first pistils produced will start to go brown and whither and then that calyx is no longer viable as a potential seed but has all the potential now to become quality Sinsemilla cannabis and these calyxes will begin to swell up as though impregnated and greatly increase the bud mass.
As you get to within a couple of weeks of estimated harvest date you stop feeding the plants and only give pure water which will help flush all residual chemicals from the plant pot and then from the plant tissues themselves and will make for a cleaner betting tasting smoke.
In the final days the larger leaves will probably be pale and starting to fall off and the pistils are predominantly brown with very little new calyx production at the growing tips and all the buds should be covered in glandular trichomes which are resin heads that are exuded by the plant on all the flowering parts and closely associated leaves.
Terpene production should be at a peak and terpenes are aromatic oils which give cannabis it’s distinctive smell and so brushing against them with your hand should release a perfumed cloud of heavenly scent that is a joy exclusive to growers.
You can also look at the trichomes as they mature as they are clear at first then become milky and then some usually go on to display amber coloration and this is most common with most cannabis sativa/indica hybrids as they have cloudy trichs interspersed with amber as it’s rare for a strain to have all amber trichs although you sometimes see brown trichs and is usually the result of oxidation through poor storage

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