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The correct atmospheric humidity level is crucial for optimum plant development. This post explains in simple terms what we mean by humidity, why its important, and what you can do to make sure you give your plants the best environmentals. What is humidity? Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. Absolute humidity is […]

Those of you coming to this article following  which medium to use with an IWS  will know that I heavily recommend using clay pebbles in an IWS system along with copper discs, because of their correct  water holding capacity (WPC) and  air filled porosity (AFP) for a flood and drain system. Assuming that you have purchased […]

Transpiration   In animals blood carries essential nutrients and water around the body to the individual cells: it can do this because it is pushed by the heart. Without a pump, plants use a different process called transpiration. As water evaporates from the surface of the leaf, more water is pulled up through the xylem […]

Why airflow is so important for your grow room … and how to get good ventilation Airflow is vital when growing plants. It has 2 main functions: Good airflow removes stale air with depleted co2 content and replaces it with new co2 enriched air. It helps control the heat and temperature levels in the grow […]

…. How cannabis reacts to differing light periods. One of the most characteristic traits of cannabis, this is often confusing to new growers. Here we give a short summary: Cannabis is able to sense it’s environment as seasonal changes in the day length of sun light get longer or shorter. Firstly, lets remember that cannabis […]

Sexing your cannnabis: or How to tell a male cannabis plant from a female cannabis   No, that’s not an invite to get your freak on with a cannabis plant but to talk of the sexing or identifying young cannabis plants as they become sexually expressed as either males or females. The female produces the […]

If growing indoors, once your young vegging plants are at their desired height, set the timer to 12 hours on, 12 hours off and this will trigger the onset of flowering. Growing indoors is a bit different in that often the After about 4 weeks flowering.and onwards you will observe changes in the branching pattern […]