Don’t worry, this may not mean you are broke. Its just that as a legitimate business, card security is important to us.The card processing system we use is one of the most secure around, and we are proud of being part of the “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard Securecode” schemes: these help prevent against card theft and misuse. Its common practice now for most European customers to be part of these schemes, but if you are outside Europe, its easy to join in too. You can read more about safe payments online and how to protect yourself here

Unfortunately, some cards don’t allow you to pay overseas companies. When this happens your order will be marked as cancelled. This is sometimes easily resolved: if you use any VISA or MASTERCARD just click here  or a quick call to your bank or card provider may authorise payment or arrange a temporary lift on any block for overseas transactions should enable you to complete your purchase.  You will then need to place a new order so that we can take the payment.

wire money

When all is said and done, some non-European cards aren’t secure enough according to our credit/debit card processor. If your card isn’t “chip & pin” (it has a small gold reflective square on the front of the card & can be used in checkout machines requiring a PIN (personal number) instead of a signature, then it may not work here. In these cases we do take Western Union payments, either sent to a person, or into a bank account. You can send the money online using your card, – see here for more details of how to do this