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Buy safely online - buy wisely

Being able to buy hydroponics equipment safely online is a great thing: but how do you know what you order is the real deal? Kannaponica is the natural extension to Growers Guide to Cannabis – and we’ve come together to offer up over 30 years of combined grow experience to help others get quality hydroponic equipment  at a good price. This isn’t just a business, we have an almost evangelical desire to help other growers: thus we offer not only pre-sales advice, but post sales support to any of our customers who require it. Examples of our great customer service include:

  • help with strain selection to suit you
  • basic growing advice and set-up for novice level growers
  • commercial grow room planning and optimization of production
  • problem solving from issues with environmentals to plant care and health

We sell products throughout Europe and also stealth ship the best seeds worldwide 

Our promise to you:

  • We won’t sell you equipment because we make more money on one item than another or because a sales rep has given us a deal.
  • We won’t sell items unless we know they work for their purpose
  • If something is “budget”, we will tell you so. Sometimes we all need a cheaper option, but when we do, its important to know it for what it is: and what the possible pitfalls or pros may be.
  • We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and knowledgeable staff, so we promise you an “open door” for questions and help with your grow room both before and after you buy.


Hydroponics & Growing Plants Indoors

Firstly, its not necessary to use hydroponic systems to grow plants indoors. However the US & UK commonly use the term “Hydroponics Store” as a pseudonym for a shop selling garden supplies generally used (although not exclusively) for the cultivation of cannabis in an artificial inside environment. You can grow in any medium – soil, coco, aeroponic or hydroponic: what is necessary though is to provide your precious plants with the ideal environment in order to encourage the healthiest plants producing their highest possible yields. To do this, you create a perfect microclimate with controlled temperature, humidity and air flow; you use powerful lighting (HID Grow Lamps, LED Grow Lights) so that fast growing, light-hungry plants can photosynthesis at maximum levels; and you use cannabis specific nutrients and additives that have been formulated at the precise levels for growth and yield. Start with good genetics and a well chosen seed strain, and you can’t fail! It sounds a little complicated to the novice grower, but if you bear the premise of “ideal environment” in mind, its easy enough!

As for hydroponics – simply speaking, this means growing in water, as opposed to a soil. It has many advantages – faster growth and quicker, more direct reactions to problems such as under/over fertilization problems. Think of it as delivering your plants the nutrients they need intravenously (direct to the roots) instead of through the barrier of a soil. The techniques are a little more complicated: you need to monitor the EC and PH levels to prevent problems happening, but the results are worth it! We love growing hydroponically, and have tried over the years almost all the various possible hydroponic systems.:

  • NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
  • Flood & Drain
  • Deep Water Culture
  • Drip Irrigation

and are happy to give detailed advice on each system.


Cannabis Seeds

One of the great things about being based in Spain is that it is 100% legal for us to sell cannabis seeds and to do so in conjunction with selling the equipment and nutrients necessary to grow it. Kannaponica stock cannabis seeds from all the major – and quite a few minor – cannabis seed breeders such as:


etc etc etc .. the list of seed breeders is longer than a piece of string, and adding details of strains is a task undertaken weekly. We try to give honest descriptions of strains gathered from grow reviews rather than the text given out by the manufacturers so adding cannabis strains to the site is a time consuming task. If there are seeds you are looking for, please email us and we can prioritise adding these!

Browse cannabis seeds by type

If you’re not looking for a particular cannabis strain or a favorite seed breeder, then we’ve tried to help you make a choice by grouping similar genetics into different types. This means you can search for easy to grow varieties, or types suitable for a cold climate grow or those best adapted for stealth, or scrog. Or you can look for major genetic traits such as mainly indica or mostly sativa, or narrow it down to cheese cannabis, skunk, white or blue strains, diesel or Kush.  We’ve even got a fruity tag for those who like extra flavour to their smoke or high thc for those needing extra kick. Medical growers can browse the high cbd collection, and autoflower lovers can pick between fast auto and super auto.


Bulk Buy Cannabis Seeds

Where possible, Kannaponica also offers a bulk buy cannabis seeds option. These seeds are hugely discounted, generally because they are bought direct from the seed breeder without promotional packaging. All seeds bought this way are physically checked to evaluate their germination potential (ie are reasonable size, with patterning to indicate “ripeness”. A random percentage are germinated to make sure they are viable. Bulk buy options are available in packs of 50 upwards.

Possibly the cheapest way to buy cannabis seeds on the internet is to take advantage of one of our cannabis seed deals. These vary on a regular basis but include our very popular multi pack autoflower bargains where we bulk buy a variety of different strains from named breeders and let you grow a selection of different strains at a bulk buy price without having to purchase a huge number of seeds.